AI-Powered ID Verification

Lightning Fast & Reliable Identity Verification Solution

AZYO’s advanced deep learning algorithms intelligently automates and extracts the information from identity documents in order to verify the authenticity and eventually validating the real identity.

The whole verification process gets completed at lightning fast speed and in a blur of moments. AZYO incorporates Real Optical Character Recognition ( Real OCR) to extract structured and accurate data from the identity documents.

AZYO’s advanced OCR engine supports a wide range of documents like Passport, Driver’s License, Lease Agreement, Resident Permits, Bank Cheques, Tax Invoices and likewise. The images captured by OCR engines are analysed with machine learning algorithms to validate the authenticity of the documents.

Fraudulent transactions, massive data breaches, and instances of identity theft are rising at a rapid pace as scammers, hackers and fraudsters are becoming more clever. AZYO’s Artificial Intelligence and its subsets of machine Learning plus deep learning makes it possible to accurately process, verify, and authenticate identities at scale.

Documents, like driver’s license or passport, are scanned to understand various elements of an ID. Examples of authentication includes, data validity tests, facial recognition and liveness detection to link an individual to the ID credential. AZYO’s automation creates efficient and accurate processes rather than trusting an untrained human being to look at the documents manually.

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