Facial Recognition System, Concept Images. Portrait of man.


Researchers @ Azyo Developed The Most Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

AZYO’s Facial Recognition Technology can identify people in pictures, video, or in real-time. It includes both face identification and face verification (also called authentication). Facial verification is concerned with validating a claimed identity based on the image of a face, and either accepting or rejecting the identity claim (one-to-one matching).

AZYO’s in-house Facial Recognition Technology has near-perfect accuracy. The verification algorithms have achieved accuracy scores as high as 99.97% on industry standard assessments.

Each human face has 128 nodal points. AZYO’s facial recognition algorithms calculate all the characteristics by pinpointing and measuring facial features with nodal points (such as the distance between eyes or the shape of cheekbones, and likewise) from any human face for the purpose of identification or authentication. AZYO’s facial recognition technology with liveness detection solves the biggest problem in the ID Verification space.

Every person has unique biological traits right from the fingerprints, hand geometry, facial features, iris and retina patterns to voice modulation.

Researchers at AZYO have developed the most advanced Facial Recognition Technology. It is one of a kind and outstanding because it leverages Deep Convolutional Neural Networks & Powerful Graphics Processing Units which is capable of analysing, verifying and authenticating any human face on our planet.

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