Only Identity Verification Solution Leveraging Blockchain

AZYO leverages Blockchain which is one of the most secure data protection technologies. The level of security offered by a distributed ledger system offers benefits to establishing a secure data network.

Challenging Vulnerabilities

Rapid advancements in digital technology have introduced new challenges around data security. AZYO has implemented strong authentication and cryptography key vaulting mechanisms to secure critical data.

Our Blockchain Technology is capable enough to address the challenge of data security and prevent malicious cyber-attacks. The level of security offered by a distributed ledger system offers benefits to establish a secure data network.

Encryption & Validation

AZYO’s Blockchain Technology is secured enough so that data can’t be altered in any way. Blockchain is encrypted by nature that makes it possible to provide proper validation.

AZYO has implemented smart contracts with Blockchains to ensure that proper validation gets triggered every time, when specific conditions are met or some data is changed.

Secure Data Storage

Businesses and users can be rest assured that their data is safe and secured. Utilizing the capabilities of AZYO’s Blockchain, nobody can read or interfere with any sensitive stored data.

Servers across the globe verify the information that enters a blockchain database. To change the state of the blockchain, someone has to change the state of all the servers that are managing the blockchain. This is a very expensive process for large blockchains. As a result, information on these distributed blockchains tends to be highly secure.

Unfeasible To Attack

AZYO’s Blockchain Database is unfeasibly hard to hack or attack. Our Blockchain Technology is decentralized, encrypted, and cross-checked which allows the data to remain strongly backed. It is fully loaded with nodes and to hack most of the nodes concurrently is impossible.

Being one of distributed ledger technology, AZYO’s Blockchain’s most fundamental attribute is data immutability. It offers a whole new level of succeeding security where any transaction cannot be altered or counterfeit. Also, it validates every transaction to get the confirmation by multiple nodes on the network.

AZYO’s Blockchain Technology is a package of security and transparency. It brings techniques to tackle data management issues, mainly related to security, privacy, and verification.

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