Who’s coming to your hotel?

The year 2020 was stressful in every possible way one could think of. Millions of people lost their loved ones, the whole world was under lockdown, economies of several countries declined as the production in every sector and industry came to halt with people staying at home. Almost every small to large enterprise, partnership, and […]

Is your hotel’s database secure? Learn how hoteliers can easily prevent data breaches and their serious repercussions!

ID thefts are on a major rise! ID thieves keep finding ways to obtain your information of all sorts, like name, address, financial information, healthcare records, and likewise without your authorization/permission. They also commit this particular crime by stealing or purchasing information from dark web, through data breaches, etc. Such kind of frauds puts the […]

Who is working in your hotel?

The hotel industry remains an easy target for identity thieves worldwide. ID theft is a rising concern and requires immediate attention! Bad guys are continuously making money illegally by exploiting innocent people and genuine businesses. Plus, they easily find their way out after committing the serious offense of invading somebody’s personal space and by stealing […]


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