This Is What Every Organisation Really Needs!

Verifying identities was, is and will remain one of the most crucial steps for onboarding new employees, customers and vendors. Also, it’s a mandatory process to be followed as a part of KYC compliance while opening a new bank account, buying a new property, trading on cryptocurrency or stock trading platforms, booking a hotel or cruise while traveling, and likewise. 


In this digital era and with the tremendous growth in technology, there’s a need for online identity verification to help businesses rapidly convert more customers and stop fraudsters from infiltrating the online ecosystem while getting compliant. Identity verification is required to certify customers, employees, vendors or xyz to make sure they’re legit and not those bad guys. 


Online identity verification is an advanced version of that traditional manual process of verifying a person. Here is why automated online identity verification and authentication is more reliable than the old manual way,  


  • In addition to the fact that online mode saves organisations and customers their valuable time and money, it’s also a more feasible and secured alternative considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic everywhere.

  • Automated identity verification is the perfect choice to get rid of all the fraudsters. Verifying everyone that interfaces with your business has become a necessity in today’s digital world. Especially when coming up with forged identities have become really easy, and it’s definitely not easy to manually validate them.

  • Humans are prone to susceptible biasness and one might never know what’s cooking in the human head. Therefore, leaving the job of validating someone’s authenticity on the hands of another human might call for some unknown troubles for the business.


Switching and adopting an automated identity verification solution can help businesses fill-in the above gaps while having a peace of mind that they’re fully secured from the bad guys!


AZYO is the market leader in Automated Identity Verification! 


This phenomenal solution is developed with an amazing fusion of Optical Character Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain & Facial Biometrics to verify anyone, anywhere and anytime

AZYO’s facial recognition technology can identify people in pictures, video, or in real-time. It includes both face identification and face verification (also called authentication). Facial verification is concerned with validating a claimed identity based on the image of a face, and either accepting or rejecting the identity claim (one-to-one matching). 

AZYO’s advanced deep learning algorithms intelligently automates and extracts the information from identity documents in order to verify the authenticity and eventually validating the real identity